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About Dabang

The Prague Tourist Café Dabang is just 1 minute away from the center of Prague sightseeing Old Town square / astronomical clock tower Situated. I hope it is a good base for travelers. Delicious Kimbab(Korean Sushi), Hodduck(Korean Style Pan Cake), Sodduk(Rice cake and Ham), baked Korean style Gyoza, Cup noodles and other Korean desserts, various kinds of coffee including Ice Americano, Korean beverages such as non-fermented Sikhye, fruit juice such as strawberry banana juice, Coke, Sprites, Beers and Soju(Korean style whisky) are also available.

Contact Us

Address: Malé nám. 13, 110 00 Staré Město. Praha1
Tel. +420 774 170 114
Kakao: elan200